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Marshmallow dryer

Can a Washer Live Forever?

Aug 4, 2020 | Washer, Extend, Life

There are many reasons why our commercial washers and dryers are so popular.  

You can choose a model that is perfect for the application and environment you require.  The service and knowledge of our Australian Speed Queen distributors is nothing less than amazing.  Our machines are packed full of features that make your life easier and your laundry cleaner...

But the most common reason is their reliability.  They are built to last.  

Drum firepit stainless steel washer

But even the most indestructible devices eventually become uneconomical to repair (you'd be amazed at the thrashings some of our machines get!).

When they do, they don't need to be tossed aside, or cast into the recycling.  You can use them for a higher purpose.

Here are a few examples of what the stainless steel internal drums of our washers can be used for.


1) A Firepit 

Perfect for those summer evenings outdoors, as the sun goes down and you have your favourite beverage at hand.  This 'Bush TV" is courtesy of Speed Queen.


marshmallow speed queen drum

2) A Marshmallow Cooker

Not to be confused with a firepit, a Speed Queen washer drum makes the perfect way for the young ones (and older ones with a sweet tooth) to toast their marshmallows.  This model is as flexible as the washer it came from, allowing for personal cooking styles.  (Although everyone knows the perfect toasted marshmallow is crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle.)




3) A BBQ

Add a grille and you've got the perfect cooking platform.  Stainless steel means it will keep cooking your outdoor meals for years.  

speed queen drum bbq

Food from Speed Queen bbq

4) What have you seen?

If you've seen some Speed Queen machines being used creatively after they have served a long and productive life, we'd love to hear the story and see some pics!



Got any other ideas about making the most of your Speed Queen?



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