That time we went to Prison

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That Time We Went To Prison

Apr 22, 2021 | Washer, Dryer

Speed Queen machines are well known for their durability and reliability so it was no surprise we were chosen to handle the high volumes required by an Australian Prison.  

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Inside a maximum-security prison

Earlier in March, we travelled to Perth to inspect a large install of washers and dryers into Casuarina Prison.

Casuarina Prison is a maximum-security male prison located in Western Australia. The prison, which opened in 1991, has been a significant set location in a number of films, such as the 2008 national geographic documentary "Lockdown OZ", and the (not so) smash hit "Son of a Gun" in 2014. 

During our visit, we weren't allowed to use our phones, or even take any photos! So the photos you are seeing here were kindly provided to us by the Prison staff. 

Each of these machines is being used to train people in Certificate 4 Laundry Operations, offering real-world skills and certificates for re-integration.  Aside from helping the prison save money, we were delighted to be helping provide prisoners the opportunity to build a better future.

Casuarina Prison - Dryers


Why Speed Queen?

Speed Queen offers a wide range of products across many different markets, including corrections and defence.

Our products are ideal for these sorts of situations, when you want to be sure that your machines are durable, low maintenance, and have the longest commercial warranties in the industry. We produce machines that you can rely on to give a quality wash every time. 

Casuarina Prison chose Speed Queen machines because they offered the perfect mix of durability and cost-effectiveness. These new machines are now saving the prison (and the taxpayers of Western Australia) around $400,000 a year in subcontracted services and repairs. 

This saving, our incredible reliability and durability along with the added bonus of providing an activity for upskilling is what convinced Casuarina Prison to choose us. 

The details...

For the commercial laundry lovers out there (like us) the prison installed:

  • 7 x SA170 Gas Tumble dryers
  • 5 x SX165 washers
  • 1 x SX075 washer
  • 1 x SYC800 washer

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