COVID-19: materials for laundrettes

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COVID-19: Materials for Your Laundrette

Mar 27, 2020 | Washer, Dryer

Speed Queen USA has put together some great materials that you might find useful for your Laundromat.

Due to the nature of this unique crisis, washing and disinfecting household items, including clothing, are critical at stopping the spread of the virus. For individuals who do not have access to laundry machines and dryers in their homes or apartments, laundromats are their only resort.  We believe that it is necessary that vended laundries continue to open their doors to provide the valuable service that our communities need.

As Australian controls get tighter and tighter, we may eventually go into a complete lockdown with only essential services operating.  

We are actively seeking confirmation that laundromats/laundrettes will be classified as "essential services" as they have been in California and New Zealand (both of whom have entered strict lockdowns).

The USA Speed Queen page has some printable banners, flyers etc that you can use to help keep your customers safer as we all fight the spread of COVID-19. 


There are a variety of ideas and tips to assist you with running a laundromat against the backdrop of a COVID-19 crisis. The guide offers insights to create the safest environment possible, while enabling your laundromat to serve the community.

As ever, the Australian Speed Queen distributors remain ready to offer advice and help where we can. 


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