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Military Grade Machines

Dec 9, 2022 | Washer, Dryer

When you think of our defence force, your first thought might not be about laundry. Instead, you'd probably picture one of two things; soldiers caked from head to toe in a layer of mud, or rows upon rows of our lads and lasses looking immaculate in their full dress uniforms on parade. But we often don't consider what goes into those images; the hours and hours of training and dedication, the investment in equipment, and of course, the laundry. 


Simple, robust quality

It takes a special kind of machine to be able to handle the laundry needs of our defence personnel. Their laundry system needs to be able to remove whatever mud and grime they crawled through, while still being able to carefully and gently launder their dress shirts.  

This requirement is why one of our distributors was recently chosen to supply 1000 "military" machines to the Department of Defence.

These military machines offer simplicity and durability, meaning you can clean almost any garment safely. After a hard day's soldiering, you don't want to be reading a manual to figure out which sequence of buttons to push to start the washer.  Our military machines are as simple to operate as they are robust.  Choose your temperature and hit start - the machine does the rest.  And it will do that thousands of times!


SQ army washer delivery


Speed Queen was chosen not only because of the quality of our machines - it was also because our distributors provide customers with a laundry solution. They really do go the extra mile, applying their deep expertise to ensure your laundry operation is smooth, efficient and delivers a quality result.

As you can imagine, fulfilling an order of 1000 machines during the COVID pandemic was no small task! It took a total of 11 full semi-trailers to transport this massive order. To make matters more complicated, each machine (both washers and dryers) needed to be modified to suit the Department of Defence's specific requirements for venting and hoses. We were happy to help, meaning that each machine was unpacked, worked on, and then repacked before shipping! 


SQ army washer loading



The other important aspectof our machines is their durability. The government's tax dollars are well spent on our machines, which are built to last.

Speed Queen commercial washers and dryers use high-quality metal parts which are designed to take whatever you can throw in them, perfect for the varied needs of the Department of Defence. Speed Queen's also have extensive warranties and our distributors are very helpful to find replacement parts if the worst happens.

When they needed one machine that can handle anything they throw in it, it's no wonder they chose Speed Queen. 


How else can commercial laundry fulfill your needs?

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