The Future of Laundry is Now!

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The future of laundry is now

Apr 21, 2021 | Washer, Dryer, laundromat

Innovation can be a bit of a buzz word these days, but it perfectly describes what’s happening right now in the commercial laundry market.


Seriously.  No joke.

Washers wash and dryers dry, right?  How can you innovate that?  Well, last year we launched a real game-changer of a product line for the small to medium laundromat market. These new products are supported by our customer app and an app for the laundromat owner, Speed Queen insights.

The products are the new touch screen stacked washer/dryers, SSA30 and SSA50. These compact stacked washer/dryers are designed to help maximise the amount of revenue generated from your available floor space. By having the washer and dryer take up the same footprint and being large enough to handle most loads, these ultra-sleek looking machines are the way of the future.



Control when you want, from where you want.

Speed Queen’s Insights make managing a laundromat effortless. It doesn't matter if you own five washers or five stores, Insights will streamline management and let you spend more time on what matters. Owners have the power to manage their fleet of machines from their mobile phone with powerful, real-time data available 24/7/365.


SQ insights phone


Speed Queen’s customer app allows laundromat users to use their phones to pay for their laundry. The customer app also allows users to maximise their time, knowing the app will text them when everything is completed. Meanwhile, owners can reward these loyal customers with free washes/drys through automatically established criteria in the app, and even put together regular marketing campaigns to maintain loyalty and spread out peak machine usage across the week.

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To see how the cutting edge touch screen control and customer app technologies work together, check out this short video;


For more information on how to disrupt the competition and build your own laundromat portfolio, contact or call on 1800 30 40 30.


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