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The Crazy Things We Do to Our Machines...

Aug 4, 2020 | Extend, Life

We know our washers and dryers are tough.  Soooo tough.

Our commercial machines are made to withstand harsh environments and loads for years.  That is why we provide such excellent warranties, we know they will last the distance.

To demonstrate how tough our commercial machines are, we put some ridiculous things into our machines.  

BUT!!!!!   Before you think "If their home machines are that tough, then I may as well go and buy a home machine" - bear in mind that commercial machines are designed, built and are warrantied for a commercial environment.  A home machine isn't.   

Crazy Video #1 - Billiard Balls

We put a bunch of billiard balls into a washer.  But anyone can do that, right?  Well, maybe... but to make sure we really went crazy, we washed those balls for 32 days..... that's 866 hours!!!  

See for yourself what we did and how the Speed Queen washer looked at the end of the mayem.



Crazy Video #2 - Hockey Pucks

So then we thought "what else can we wash?" One of the team (clearly Canadian) said "20lb hockey pucks!!!".  We didn't think hockey pucks got dirty on ice... but then, Canadians play ice hockey for keeps.  Anyway, it seemed like a crazy idea, so we washed a bunch of hockey pucks FOR A MONTH.



Crazy Video #3 - Garden Tools

Mmmmm.  Hockey Pucks seemed a bit too easy in hindsight.  Sure, they weigh a lot, but those round edges don't really put a stainless steel tub to the test.  What could be crazier? 

Garden tools.

Yep, that's right.  We washed garden tools.  

As you will see in the video, we weren't worried about them breaking our machine.  We thought the tools would break first.

After all, this machine had already survived billiard balls and hockey pucks.  What could possibly go wrong?



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