Washing what matters

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Washing what matters

Aug 23, 2021 | Washer, Dryer, laundromat

Every year January 14th rolls around, and international 'dress-up your pet' day begins. Some may pretend to hate it, but just like Dads pretend to not want a pet in the first place, we all secretly think they look quite fetching. Alas, these costumes never stay clean like the photos and Australian home washing machines and dryers are simply not up to the task. 

Dog in costumeMuddy dog

To the (pet) rescue!

A brand new Speed Queen laundromat in Burswood (Perth) has just opened its doors. The site has 44 pockets, with four dedicated to pets (2 washers and 2 dryers)! Pet owners can rest easy knowing that their cat's white ghost costume won't be tinted by mixing with blues or reds, and that their dog's blanket after being dragged around the back yard isn't ruined forever!

This new laundromat is located on a fantastic site facing the Great Eastern Highway and is surrounded by high-density housing, so it is exposed to more than 40,000 cars per day.  Burswood is also 100% card-operated using ADVAM card readers and the innovative Speed Queen Insights app, so all machines are quick and easy to use and manage.   It won't be long before our machines are so easy to use, your pets can do their own washing.

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The latest technology in laundry:

To ensure Burswood is ready for an intense flurry of pet costume-cleaning this laundromat includes a number of machines from our new STAX product range. The SSA030 is a 30 pound stacked washer and dryer, with integrated Midas controls and Advam card readers!  It offers 13.5kg of washing with matching drying capacity in one tiny footprint! This gives laundromat owners stax of options to create the best laundromat possible with whatever floorspace is available. With the new STAX range, there has never been a better time to build or upgrade a laundromat!


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