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Which laundry machines do Blue Man Group use?

Feb 18, 2020 | Washer, Dryer

When you have to clean clothes that are covered in blue paint day in and day out, you get pretty good at it.

Vice magazine has done an excellent write up on how the team at Blue Man Group manage cleaning their clothes.  They interviewed Meagan Bellao, senior wardrobe and makeup supervisor of Blue Man Group (BMG).

And guess what?  They use Speed Queen washers and dryers.  

Why do they use Speed Queen?

Bellao says "Speed Clean washers are heavy-duty machines that can withstand the grease that would often confuse the computers on other machines and break them. Our repair people compare us to massage parlors, because they put a lot of oils into machines, and the amount of laundry they would do with all their towels,”

If we can't handle it, nobody can.

"I also am really good at buying washing machines,” Bellao says. She recommends Speed Queen washers

Thanks Meagan!

Given the incredible amount of grease in their blue paint, BMG have to clean their machines every day!  They use a novel technique - here is what Meagan said in the article:

“We clean our machines every day,” Bellao says. “The grease will go into the machine and it doesn’t show up in the middle, but it goes in the walls of the barrel so it will seep back into the water. You will see that oily residue if there’s grease in your machine.”

“But grease breaks grease, so oddly enough, I run hot water through my washing machine with olive oil,” she says. She runs it empty, as if there were a load in it, or throw in some washcloths that the Blue Men use to remove their makeup, so the oil can break the pigment out of the wash clothes, too.

“After that, I run [a cycle] with baking soda and vinegar, to take the residual oil out of the drum,” Bellao says. A cup of each will do.

Not sure we would recommend that!

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