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How many cricket balls fit in a 91kg dryer?

Dec 23, 2021 | Washer, Dryer, Advice

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Our product range can be dizzying at first, because it offers a wide range of solutions to meet almost any requirement. Machines cn vary in size, control type, efficiency, and even colour! We have detailed brochures on each one (see our product pages), but it can be difficult to understand exactly what each feature actually means. 

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How big is big?

The SAXXXNNN range are hardmount dryers that can handle loads between 14kg to 91kg  (find out more). That sounds amazing, but how much can you actually fit in each machine? These numbers are of little use without a point of reference, so we are calling upon the trusty cricket ball to give us better understanding.  
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Napkin maths

There are two main constraints on what can fit inside a dryer. Firstly, it needs to physically fit inside the drum. Secondly, it needs to be light enough for the drum to still spin. 
The SA170 has a capacity for 91kg of laundry. Its cylinder has a diameter of 1289mm and a depth that results in a whopping great 634 cubic liters capacity.   According to dimensions.com, your average cricket ball has a weight of 160 grams, and a diameter of 73mm. Unfortunately, both the balls and drum of the dryer are circular so calculating how many balls fit is easier said than done.  So we made a diagram to help us with the maths. 
SCA060 Cricket bottomSCA060 Cricket side
Left: Front view
Right: side view 
That didn't help, because the easiest way to calculate how many cricket balls fit in our 91kg dryer is to assume the balls are cubes.  As cubes, each ball takes up approx 0.389 of a liter.  in a 634 liter drum, you can therefore fit around 1630 balls inside.
Sadly, for a dryer to function, the load must be under its weight limit.  Each cricket ball weighs approx 160 grams so our 91kg weight limit is hit once we put in 569 balls (91 divided by 0.16 = 568.75). 
So if you need to dry 569 cricket balls you'd need an even bigger dryer, and a great pair of earmuffs!

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